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      News Current location:HomeNews—Emergency treatment for leakage of Triethyl phosphite
      Emergency treatment for leakage of Triethyl phosphite

        Quickly evacuate personnel from the contaminated area to a safe area, isolate them, and strictly restrict entry and exit. Cut off the ignition source. It is recommended that emergency personnel wear self-contained positive pressure respirators and anti-static work clothes. Cut off the source of leakage as much as possible. Prevent flow into restricted spaces such as sewers and drainage ditches.
        Small leakage: Absorb with sand, vermiculite, or other inert materials. It can also be brushed with lotion made of incombustible dispersant, and the washing solution is diluted and discharged into the wastewater system.
        Massive leakage: Build embankments or dig pits for containment. Transfer to a tank truck or dedicated collector with a pump for recycling or transportation to a waste disposal site for disposal.

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